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Table of Contents


Operability of Deep Learning on AI

The Creativity of AI and Its Limitation

AI+Human System of Efficiency and Meaningful Creation 



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Research Essay, Fall 2022

The goal of this paper is to identify the relationship between humans and A.I. in creative process by arguing the operability of deep learning on A.I., the creativity of A.I. and its limitation, and an A.I. + Human system for more effective creation by analyzing articles, books, and evaluating experiments on my own.

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Table of Contents

List of Figures


Chapter I: The Ideal Masculinity

Chapter II: Creating Uniqueness 

Chapter III: Technology & Ethics



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Research Essay, Spring 2022

Air Jordan I "Chicago" colorway has been one of the most popular colorways among all the Air Jordan I designs, but the four re-release of it in later years change in design details. This essay is an exploration of how consumers' desires have pushed innovation in design - style-wise, material and structure, and marketing. 

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