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Hanyong (Kyrie) Yang 


      I am Hanyong Yang, a multi-media expeirence designer, a creative technologist, now a NYU ITP 2025 Candidate.

      Believing that its inhabitants are the most important elements of our planet, multi-media creativity allows me the flexibility of interaction. A background in fine art and fashion also equipped me with design development skills, material knowledge, subculture awareness, and a commercial mindset. Through studying design, knowing its historical evolution, and user researching, I am constantly refining my thinking about the relationship between the environment and people, guiding me to reconsider my work's underlying meaning and the potential impact I would like to deliver in society.

      I pursue my career to build a safe haven for people, a hub for sharing information; a kind, receptive, and open-minded mother. It witnesses how people gather and evolve, from individuals to groups, from a single piece of information to a network of data streams, from a moment of feeling to an entire lifetime.

Hanyong (Kyrie) Yang

Dec 2023

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