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Meteor Messenger

Public Art (proposal)

The center of transportation, the polymerization of culture and languages, the shared rushes, the shared metropolis. The Grand Central Terminal. 

While the constellation ceiling was designed to bring passengers with skylight and mood of poetry, as well as symbolism of navigation, I found another layer of the meaning of  "sky" that is to hold the Earth as a family, and I am making this interactive installation to create a chance for people from all around the world communicate subtly under the iconic ceiling. 

The First Version

The Second Version

From my observation through time, I found the first version had drawbacks like not being inclusive (handicapped unfriendly), not being convenient (people in a hurry would not be interested), and distracting (people from other screens that show the essential train information). AI handwriting identification is also not accurate sometimes.


So I made it the 2nd version, which doesn’t require any intentional participation. A sensor under the ground sense people’s sound from steps and speaking and generate a sound pattern accordingly, to the ceiling. The design’s primary purpose was to make visitors aware of each other and realize that they must act together to make a change to their surroundings. Instead of featuring fragmented phrases, the installation would serve as a totem created by the group as a whole.


Public Art

Carried out in one of the busiest and most artistic places, Soho, this is the epitome of people and the city. 

I observed the people passing by and how they reacted to the mirrored ground. Captured some of the stories by photo, shown at the left column. 

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